Three Suitcases

All my belongings, sitting in three suitcases

Waiting nervously to see if they are the next to be yanked

To meet the coveted 50-lb. mark


5 thoughts on “Three Suitcases

  1. HI, Jeanie, I am praying for you as you leave tomorrow for your new adventure. Praying that God will prepare the way, protect you, and use you in His service. I can’t wait to hear about your adventures in Ukraine. Blessings, Sylvie


  2. Jeanie, this gives me flashbacks to weighing suitcases with you in Cambridge before our return flight to SFO. Something tells me you’ve balanced these three out perfectly! Yours NEVER look as disheveled as the one pictured here.


  3. I’m exhausted just listening to your routing! Traveling mercies my friend… and when you land and meet your first contact, Just Roll With It! Love your new motto! Be well, Love Gloria


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