Smooth Travels

There were a few last-minute scares before my flight, both of which occurred when I tried to check in online the day before.  I wasn’t being to allowed to complete my check-in, and when I called Delta, they said it was because I needed to have a return flight in order to enter Ukraine.  Eek.  I contacted D.C. and fortunately got a “dummy ticket” issued that evening so that my itinerary showed a return trip.  However, the next obstacle was in indicating that I had more than two suitcases.  Again, a call to Delta.  The lady there thought there was an embargo in place that wouldn’t allow for more than two bags entering the country.  Double eek.  As I sat on hold for a while, I checked how much it would cost to send my third suitcase to Ukraine.  I mean, maybe it wouldn’t matter that much.  Uh, yes, yes it would.  $880?? I was understandably relieved when the woman finally came back to say that the restriction was with the final Air France leg, and since I was flying Delta originally, it ought to be ok.  The next morning, the woman at check-in took them without any question.  Phew.

My last American meal was a quick burrito at Taco Bell in Minneapolis.  And yes, I did have time for a croissant at the airport in Paris, although it was definitely an airport croissant, Paris or not.  In Kyiv, things couldn’t have gone any more smoothly: no questioning at passport control, a trolley for my bags, absolutely no inspection through customs, and Liliia from the embassy waiting for me (along with Lisa, another EL Fellow) as soon as I emerged from customs.  When I walked outside, I was hit by hot and humid weather!  What?? Did I get on the right flight? They are having an unusual heat wave here right now.


Ukraine from the air
Ukraine from the air

2 thoughts on “Smooth Travels

  1. Jeanie, Glad you made it. I would imagine you are in an apartment now? I have met a friend on Facebook who is the older brother of a guy I went to North Park with. The Facebook friend is Tom Swanson who is involved in Young Life and has contacts in Ukraine. He send your blog address to a YL staffer in the town you live in. Just a heads up if she contacts you. Bob and I as well as Lori are praying for you.


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