Welcome to the Hotel украина (Oo-cry-ee-neh; “Ukraine”)



Things to know about the Hotel Ukraine:

  • As with all of the buildings here, it looks much better from a distance.  It reminds me so much of when my family drove through East Germany in 1989, before the Wall fell.  There is a definite Soviet feel to the way things have been  built and kept up.

    The view from my hotel room of Independence Square
    The view from my hotel room of Independence Square
  • Since the shower nozzle sprays out to the sides and only stays in its holder if it is facing the wall, expect to use a towel or two on the floor when you are finished.
  • There is a suitcase ramp on the stairs leading up to the hotel, but the two wheel-ramps are so wide apart that only one of the wheels can ride; the other wheel bumps up the stairs. Both Liliia and Olga said this is typical of Ukraine in general: things exist, but they don’t work.
  • Smoking in bed is strictly prohibited.
  • The buffet breakfast is awesome.  There are salads, pastries, cereals, yogurts, cottage cheese that is much better than cottage cheese, spaghetti, chicken cutlets, hot rice in hot milk, meatballs, little thick chewy pancakes with jam, and plenty of juices and hot drinks if you don’t want the melted water.IMG_1357

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