Yes, I Made It!

Me with my first bowl of borscht
Me with my first bowl of borscht

I’ve been delayed in posting since I didn’t have wi-fi until last night, and I am so thankful to now have both phone service and internet!  Truly wonderful!  I have put all of my contact information below.

So much has happened since I left San Francisco!  I decided it might be best to write a number of posts so that you can read what you like in bite-size snacks. Look at the “Recent Posts” list on the right to see other bits you may want to nibble on. Thank you for joining me on this journey; I do feel like I am a world away, so it’s nice to have others virtually accompanying me!

My email is still the same:  My phone number is (011) 380 97 533 71 94.  I recommend using Skype to either video-call me (jeanielund) or to call my number (Skype has a promotional deal right now to try the first month free).  Remember that I am 10 hours ahead of California, 8 hours ahead of Chicago, 7 hours ahead of the East Coast. My address is:

Jeanie Lundbom,   Shevchenko str, 250/42,   Cherkasy 18000,   UKRAINE


3 thoughts on “Yes, I Made It!

  1. So happy to hear from you! I cannot tell you how many times I checked the clock and subtracted to try to figure out where you are what you would be doing etc. cannot wait to see the apt that worked best for you .

    Thank you for all of the pictures. All is well here . Love Patti


  2. So glad to see you looking good (must be before the raging cold hit!) and that you made it safely and smoothly! Will check other posts to see if you’re in your apartment yet and how it went meeting the students. Ran into one of my former Ukrainian students at Costco yesterday. Such a lovely, lovely woman…I hope you meet many just like her! 😀 Paige


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