Ukrainian Food Roulette

One of my forms of excitement here is to buy something at the grocery store and then bite into it to see what it is. (Although I am slowly learning to read a few food words in Russian or Ukrainian, I am a long way from being able to tell what is inside of most things.)

This afternoon, I bought a filled roll at the store that turned out to be filled with shredded cabbage.

Exhibit A: cabbage roll
Exhibit A: cabbage roll

Ew — that’s a round I lost.  Then for supper I had a piece of casserole (from the supermarket deli) that turned out to be pieces of chicken and mushrooms under a layer of cheese.  I count that as a win.  Not wanting to leave things in a tie, I went over to the grocery store across the street this evening and got another bakery item.  This one had some kind of mild white filling baked into the center.

Exhibit B: Mystery cookie/pie/pastry
Exhibit B: Mystery cookie/pie/pastry

I can sleep well tonight, knowing that I came out ahead this day.


5 thoughts on “Ukrainian Food Roulette

  1. It all looks yucky to me ! Glad you’re enjoying the cabbage over there.

    Sounds like everything is going pretty well. And you’re definitely learning to just roll with it! Did you start teaching yet?



    1. I had my first class today! I’ll try to post something on that soon. Right now I am preparing for tomorrow’s class and hoping to impress them all, since they all expect that I should be impressing them with my Western ways!


  2. Hooray for gustatory exploration! And for coming out ahead. As far as I’m concerned, if you are eating weird things in a foreign country and your digestion is not all messed up, that is an automatic win!


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