Scenes of Cherkasy: Fall into Winter


3 thoughts on “Scenes of Cherkasy: Fall into Winter

  1. Thanks for sharing snapshots of your world Jeanie. Some look oddly familiar… like the apartment buildings and scales at the market. I miss you and it’s good to see your beautiful smile. I was just thinking the other day how I miss you stopping by my office to say “Hi” and at this time of the year to bring treats. I hope you’re having a wonderful time!! Love & hugs from afar… Cristina 🙂

    P.S. Let’s connect soon. I look forward to a live chat.


  2. Hi Jeanie. Beautiful photos from your daily life. Let me know if you come across any Christmas markets in Cherkasy! Hope you have a wonderful, meaningful Advent season. Evy


  3. Great to get your Christmas card from Ukraine to Thailand! It looks beautiful there…wish I could have helped you at the post office that day but Yaroslav was quite the gentleman. C novom godom!


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