How Georgia Looks

Tblisi: თბილისი, the capital of Georgia, dating from the 5th century. 

The Sameba Cathedral and the Narikala Fortress (dating from the 4th  century) with St. Nikolos Church (dating from the 12th century)

Mtshketa: This hillside city was the capital of Georgia (well, the area of Eastern Georgia) from the 3rd century BC to the 5th century AD. (Since then, Tblisi has been the capital.) In the middle of the city is Svetitskhoveli Cathedral, pictured here, dating from the 11th century. This city has been declared the “Holy City” of Georgia, since it was the birthplace of Christianity in Georgia in around 327.

American Influence, Georgia-Style: Dunkin’ Donuts, Wendy’s, and Ronald Reagan were just a few of the reminders of home.

The Ancient Cave City of Uplistshikhe: These caves were inhabited as early as the second millennium BC and served as a fortress and a trading center along the Silk Road until the 12 century. It is situated close to Gori, the town where we had our conference.

Gori: Most famous for being the birthplace of Stalin. I know it, however, as the site of the famed 2016 English Teachers’ Association of Georgia Conference. I presented at the conference and stayed with my fellow English Language Fellow Melanie, who is teaching at the university in Gori this year.



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