Signs…that I am far from home

Signs, postings, instructions, descriptions – these are all a common source of entertainment in a foreign country. I haven’t come across as many as I expected this year, probably because there isn’t all that much written in English! But there have been a few that have caught my eye.

2015-12-11 16.02.44

Every time I walk by this restaurant near my apartment, it amuses me to think of gun-slinging cowboys moseying into a “snack bar.”

2016-05-07 11.09.07
This one was in Slovakia…
2016-06-16 16.45.19
And here we have a restaurant by the Black Sea in Ukraine that seems completely unconcerned about copyright infringement. The upside-down M creates the “sh” sound in “shwarma,” a Middle Eastern meat wrap. The slogan beneath says,” I love it.”
This place in Moldova needs a new advertising campaign. I’ll tell you, saying that they are probably the best fajitas in Moldova is a mighty weak claim.
Now we’re talking! Those sound like some remarkable kebabs.



This pizzeria in Moldova serves ‘American-style’ pizza with marinated mushrooms, corn, and beans. How long have I been away?
FullSizeRender (2)
Look – they could have called this french-fry pizza ‘American Style’ if they hadn’t already used it up on the corn and beans.



2015-11-29 16.32.33 - Copy (2)
It’s been quite a while since I’ve been to Modesto, but I’d associate it with this salad about as much as I associate Hollister with surfing.
2015-11-29 16.32.33 - Copy (3)
Well, when you say what’s in it, it kind of ruins the mystery…
2015-11-29 16.32.33 - Copy
Is a dictionary that hard to use??
2016-05-20 13.28.08
…because we need to remember those less fortunate among us, who might not have enough fast food burgers. But beggars can’t be choosers, so maybe we should just donate hot dogs.

I liked the hotel I stayed at in Bratislava, but their rules did worry me a little.

2016-05-03 09.10.01 - Copy
Perhaps it’s excusable to wear your pets if you can’t allow the poor creatures to lie down. I do appreciate the fact, though, that they cannot keep their guests unattended, and most especially that they must not be used as inventory in meal preparation.
2016-05-03 09.13.26 - Copy
Ooo, looks like someone took a class on legal writing!
2016-05-03 09.10.01 - Copy (2)
I must say, it bothers me that they are telling me not to abuse my own personal information, while they are free – nay, bound – to use it with the Foreign Police. It’s no wonder guests are required to use their complaint services.

Now here we have a couple of interesting ads online.

2015-12-06 18.09.49
It’s hard to resist clicking on this one!
2016-05-09 21.39.23
This is an advertisement to fly to Chicago. Folks might have a surprise in store if this is their image of Chicago.
2016-05-20 13.27.41
This one is posted on a service door.

And finally, in Georgia:

2016-06-06 15.53.27
The fact that this is Fresh Spring Flower scented just doesn’t make it any better.

5 thoughts on “Signs…that I am far from home

  1. Jeanie, would you PLEASE submit all your writings to the top travel magazines? You have a new career ahead of you!!


    1. Oh—and the Hollister as surf wear drives me CRAZY, even though I finally figured out that the Hollister after which it is named is a street near Santa Barbara. I still think to myself, “Hollister is a truck stop in a place where no one wants to stop.”


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